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Disposable Respirators

How to Achieve an Effective Seal

You have just purchased a pack of disposable respirator masks certified and rated to do the job at hand. Now for the mask to work effectively you need to properly fit the respirator to your face. Follow our simple fitting instructions to achieve an effective seal on common disposable respirators.


Place respirator in hand and pull the bottom strap over the head and fit around neck.


Position the respirator comfortably under your chin and against the bridge of your nose. For masks with moldable nose pieces, adjust to gain a suitable fit so that no leakage occurs. Pull the top headband over your head, placing it at the crown of your head.


Adjust the tension in the upper and lower portions of the loop strap to ensure a positive face seal.


Place both hands completely over the respirator. Inhale sharply. Be careful not to disturb the position of the respirator. A negative pressure (mask wanting to collapse) should be felt. If not or if leaks occur around the edges of the respirator, reposition the respirator and headbands for a better fit.

Note: Fitting for disposable respirators will vary slightly depending on the style of mask. Please refer to the fitting instructions specific to your disposable respirator often found on or in the product packaging.