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Industree Group Leads the Charge in PPE Waste Reduction with Epicycle

In response to the mounting environmental challenges posed by Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) waste, Industree Group, a forefront Australian producer of premium PPE, introduces Epicycle – a revolutionary recycling initiative. In partnership with TerraCycle, a global leader in recycling innovation, Epicycle is tailored to transform the management of PPE waste at worksites nationwide.

Epicycle Initiative: Rethinking Safety Waste Challenges

At the heart of Epicycle lies a strategic collaboration between Industree Group and TerraCycle, presenting custom-designed recycling boxes as a solution for the manufacturing industry's distinctive waste hurdles.

Molly Picklum, Pro Surfer and Industree Group Brand Ambassador, expresses her enthusiasm for Epicycle, stating, “This initiative transforms PPE waste into new products and materials, preventing it from ending up in landfills or our oceans. Partnering with businesses actively working towards a sustainable future resonates deeply with my passion for the environment".

The Epicycle initiative exemplifies Industree Group's and TerraCycle's joint commitment to recycling, sustainability and responsible waste management.

Jean Bailliard, TerraCycle ANZ General Manager, affirms the significance of this partnership, stating, “PPE has traditionally been considered a hard-to-recycle waste stream because it consists of different kinds of complex, composite materials. We’re proud to join forces with Industree Group to provide a recycling solution for a waste stream which often ends up in landfill. This initiative is a significant stride towards minimising PPE waste, and accelerating the transition to a Zero-waste economy in Australia.".

Driving Sustainability Across the Board

Epicycle stands as a pivotal addition to Industree Group's comprehensive sustainability portfolio. From solar panel installations to the reduction of stretch wrap usage, energy-saving measures, and an incentive program for hybrid/electric vehicles, Industree Group is committed to leading the charge in sustainable business practices. Their industry accolades, including Silver Status EcoVadis certification and SCS Responsible Forestry Certified, underscore their global recognition for sustainability efforts. The Carbon Zero certification since 2011 highlights Industree Group's unwavering commitment to offsetting its carbon footprint.

Industree Group CEO, Jon Fleming, emphasises the broader impact of sustainability: “Sustainability isn't just good for the environment – it's the key to a brighter future. By curbing our environmental impact, we're paving the way for a planet-friendly tomorrow. Our commitment to sustainability is a genuine investment in a thriving future".

The Impact of PPE Waste

In the aftermath of the global COVID-19 pandemic, the surge in PPE usage has exacerbated an already alarming environmental issue. Recent data reveals a concerning rise in PPE waste worldwide, with millions of tons* finding their way into landfills or oceans annually, contributing to pollution and environmental degradation.

The Epicycle initiative emerges as a timely and impactful response to this crisis, setting a new standard for responsible waste management in Australia.

Find out more: https://www.industree.com.au/epicycle


*Andeobu L, Wibowo S, Grandhi S. Medical Waste from COVID-19 Pandemic-A Systematic Review of Management and Environmental Impacts in Australia. Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Jan 26;19(3):1381. doi: 10.3390/ijerph19031381. PMID: 35162400; PMCID: PMC8835138.

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