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Prioritising Safety: Industree Group's Commitment during National Safe Work Month

October is National Safe Work Month, a time when individuals and organisations across Australia come together to emphasise the importance of creating safe and healthy workplaces. Industree Group, an Australian-owned and operated innovator of premium Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), is dedicated to promoting safety not only within our product offerings but also within our own workspace. In this blog article, we'll explore how we are leading the way in fostering a culture of safety all year round.

Industree Group's Safety Principles

At the heart of Industree Group's commitment to safety are our core safety principles:

  1. All injuries can be prevented.
  2. Every hazard can be managed.
  3. Management is accountable for safety.
  4. People are the most critical factor in the safety effort.
  5. Working safely is a condition of employment.

These principles are the foundation for our comprehensive safety awareness program, ensuring safety is embedded in every aspect of our operations.

Going Above and Beyond for Safety

The health and safety of our own workspace is paramount. We invited Safe Work Australia into our facility to conduct a full safety audit. The results spoke volumes - our operations proved to be extremely safe. But at Industree Group, we believe in continuously raising the bar for safety. So, we've taken additional steps outside the audit to ensure we have a best-in-class workplace, with the introduction of pedestrian proximity detectors to the forklifts and speed-limiting them to 7km per hour.

Our Safety Innovations

We don’t just talk about safety; we actively implement innovative solutions to protect our employees, visitors, and partners. Here are some of the safety initiatives we’ve undertaken:

  1. Pedestrian Access Sensors: Industree Group invested in pedestrian access sensor watches for staff and visitors to wear in the warehouse. These sensors notify forklift drivers when a pedestrian is in close proximity, minimising the risk of accidents, and alert pedestrians by pulse from the sensor watch.
  2. Safety Vests and Sign-In/Sign-Out Procedures: Before entering the premises, everyone must wear safety vests and follow strict sign-in and sign-out procedures, ensuring accountability and visibility.
  3. Investing in Quality PPE: Industree Group proudly stock EPIC®, TRIDENT® and PITBULL®, trusted brands providing the best safety solutions for your workplace. We understand the importance of equipping employees with high-quality PPE that meets the necessary safety standards. Just as we invest in the well-being of our workers, we encourage you to do the same for your team. Providing the right fit-for-purpose PPE is a proactive step towards safeguarding your workforce.
  4. Manual Conveyor Belt: To reduce the time staff spend inside containers, Industree Group has implemented a manual conveyor belt for unloading stock from containers safely. This also reduces the walking distance covered to unload so that staff are not fatigued.
  5. Monthly Toolbox Talks: Regular toolbox talks provide a platform for open communication between staff and management. These discussions keep employees informed about new safety procedures, allow them to voice concerns, and share safety ideas.
  6. Ergonomic Workstations: Stand-up desks are provided to both office and warehouse staff, promoting flexibility between sitting and standing. Regular breaks are encouraged to prevent fatigue.
  7. Incident Reporting via Employment Hero App: The team can quickly report incidents using the Employment Hero app, enabling swift incident recording and tracking of outcomes.
  8. Defibrillators On-Site: Industree Group prioritises health emergencies by having three defibrillators on-site, and several team members are certified in CPR and first aid training. The defibrillators are registered on the NSW Services site to assist others during office hours.
  9. Forklift Safety Measures: Forklifts are regularly serviced and maintained, and a safety checklist is completed before each use. Only certified high-risk workers are allowed to operate forklifts. Forklift keys are removed and safely stored at the end of each day.
  10. Speed Limit Enforcement: Speed limit signage and speed humps in the main carpark area ensure safe vehicle operations on-site.
  11. Designated Unloading Zones: Trucks have specific delivery areas, reducing congestion and enhancing safety.
  12. Loading Dock Safety: Safety measures installed at loading docks prevent forklifts from accessing the edge, eliminating the risk of accidents.
  13. Other key safety initiatives: Designated walkways in the warehouse, safety signage clearly displayed throughout the site, spring lift table to assist warehouse staff, and all electrical appliances and office equipment cables on-site have been tested and tagged.

Stay Safe!

At Industree Group, we take immense pride in our commitment to safety. During National Safe Work Month and throughout the year, our dedication to safety principles and innovative solutions remains unwavering. Our priority is to protect our people, foster a culture of safety and ensure we have a best-in-class workplace.

We invite you to join us in promoting safety during National Safe Work Month and beyond, as we firmly believe that a safe and healthy workplace benefits everyone.

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