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Eyewear Protection Key Technology

Adjustable Nose icon

Adjustable Nose
Dual injected soft feel, adjustable nose bridge for comfort and stability

Adjustable Side Arms icon

Adjustable Side Arms
Adjustable Side Arms

Anti-fog icon

Anti-fog immersion coating

Anti-scratch icon

Premium hard-coat anti-scratch treated

Brow Guard icon

Brow Guard
Built-in, dual injected, soft brow guard to help keep sweat and debris away from eyes

Extra Orbital Coverage icon

Extra Orbital Coverage
Extra large orbital coverage for maximum protection and true crystal clear optical clarity

FKN™ icon

FKN™ high-performance KN rated premium anti-fog and anti-scratch treatments

Flat Profile icon

Flat Profile
Flat profile temple arms for use with hearing protectors

Flexion Rubber icon

Flexion Rubber
Dual injected soft flexion low-pressure temple arms for all-day wear

Hyper Mirror Lens icon

Hyper Mirror Lens
Premium PC Polarised hyper silver mirror lens protects eyes by dissipating glare from reflective surfaces such as concrete, glass and water

Lightweight icon

Lightweight for all-day wear and comfort

Medium Impact icon

Medium Impact
Optimised industrial safety eyewear

Metal Free icon

Metal Free
Metal free or “dielectric” cannot conduct electricity providing a safer level of protection

Polarised Model icon

Polarised Model
PC Polarised model protects eyes by reducing glare from reflective surfaces such as glass and water

Positive Seal icon

Positive Seal
Positive seal dust guard and strap

Soft TPU icon

Soft TPU
Dual injected soft feel nose bridge for comfort and stability

Temple Guard icon

Temple Guard
Built-in, dual injected, soft temple guard to help keep sweat and debris away from eyes

Temple-Flex icon

Soft flexion low-pressure temple arms for all-day wear allows the safety glasses to adjust to fit most face sizes and shapes

UV400 icon

UV400 protection

Hand Protection Key Technology

Abrasion Resistant icon

Abrasion Resistant
Abrasion resistant

Anti Vibration icon

Anti Vibration
Anti vibration padded palm

Cut Resistant icon

Cut Resistant
High cut resistant fibres.

EPIC® Armour icon

EPIC® Armour
EPIC® Armour anti impact


Optimal ergonomic comfort and dexterity


Breathable cooling system for sweat and heat dispersion

GRIT™ icon

TACT™ premium sand grit nitrile coating

Heat Resistant icon

Heat Resistant
Contact heat resistance up to 100°C

Hi Vis icon

Hi Vis
High visibility provide increased safety and awareness

Impact Protection icon

Impact Protection
Impact Protection

Keystone Thumb icon

Keystone Thumb
Keystone thumb for max comfort

Oil Resistant icon

Oil Resistant
Use in oily conditions


Lightweight high cut resistant fibres

Premium Leather icon

Premium Leather
Premium cow grain leather

Puncture Resistant icon

Puncture Resistant
Puncture Resistant

Seamless Palm icon

Seamless Palm
Seamless Palm

Shirred Wrist icon

Shirred Wrist
Elastic shirred wrist to keep out dirt and debris

Single Dip PVC icon

Single Dip PVC
Single dipped PVC construction

TACT™ icon

Thermally Activated Coating Technology™ reacts to the wearer’s body temperature

Tear Resistant icon

Tear Resistant
Optimum strength and tear resistance

Thumb Saddle icon

Thumb Saddle
Additional reinforcement at the critical wear point of the thumb saddle to provide the vital cut protection needed

Touch Screen Activation icon

Touch Screen Activation
Touch Screen Activation eradicates the need to remove the glove when operating smart devices

Velcro Closure icon

Velcro Closure
Velcro closure allows the user to quickly and easily adjust the glove fit around the wrist for optimum comfort and security.

Wing Thumb icon

Wing Thumb
Wing thumb

Clothing Protection Key Technology

2 Layer Poly-Laminate icon

2 Layer Poly-Laminate
2 Layer Poly-Laminate

2 Panel Extended Crotch icon

2 Panel Extended Crotch
Prevents tearing at the usual crotch seam intersection

2 Way Zipper icon

2 Way Zipper
For easy access and convenience

3 Layer Tri-laminate icon

3 Layer Tri-laminate
Trident 3 layer substrate matrix allows for optimum breathability and comfort while providing class leading protection and performance levels

Anti-bacterial icon


Anti-odour icon


Anti-Static icon

EN 1149-5:2018 Performance requirements for protective clothing with anti-static properties

Biological Protection icon

Biological Protection
EN 14126:2003 + AC:2004 Protective clothing. Performance requirements and test method for protective clothing against infective agents.

Chemical Splash Protection icon

Chemical Splash Protection
EN 13034:2005 + A1:2009 Protective clothing against liquid chemicals.

Cotton Drill icon

Cotton Drill
Cotton Drill

Elasticised icon

Elasticised ankles, cuff, hood and waist

High Fluid Protection icon

High Fluid Protection
High Fluid Protection

Hybrid Substrate Technology (HST) icon

Hybrid Substrate Technology (HST)
Hybrid Substrate Technology (HST)

Level 2 Protection icon

Level 2 Protection
AAMI Level 2 Protection

Level 3 Protection icon

Level 3 Protection
AAMI Level 3 Protection

Particulate Protection icon

Particulate Protection
EN ISO 13982-1:2004 + A1:2010 Protective clothing for use against solid particulates.

Radioactive Protection icon

Radioactive Protection
EN 1073-2:2002 Class 2 Protective clothing against radioactive contamination

Reflective Tape icon

Reflective Tape
Increased visibility and safety

Stay Dry icon

Stay Dry
Stay Dry

Storm Flap with a Tape Seal icon

Storm Flap with a Tape Seal
Covers and seals over the zipper to ensure full protection and compliance to material standards

UPF 50+ icon

UPF 50+
UPF 50+

YKK Zip icon

YKK brand fly zip

Hearing Protection Key Technology

Class 5 icon

Class 5
Class 5

Max Protection icon

Max Protection
Max Protection

Slow Rebound icon

Slow Rebound
Slow Rebound

Slow Taper icon

Slow Taper
Slow Taper

Respiratory Protection Key Technology

3 Panel Construction icon

3 Panel Construction
Three panel design provides structural integrity, form fit seal and optimal comfort. All three mask panels and seams have been independently tested and certified AS 4381:2015 Level 3 – ISO 22609.

6 Point Head Strap icon

6 Point Head Strap
Optimum comfort with 6 point silicone harness

Activated Carbon icon

Activated Carbon
Fibrous activated carbon maintains lower breathing resistance while providing effective filtration, enhancing wearer comfort.

Adapts to most faces icon

Adapts to most faces
Versatile unisex fit suitable for a range of facial shapes and sizes. Effective for many “hard to fit” individuals.

Adjustable Head Harness Assembly icon

Adjustable Head Harness Assembly
Optimum fit and comfort with three size adjustable head harness

Aluminium Free icon

Aluminium Free
Aluminium Free

Bacterial Filtration Technology icon

Bacterial Filtration Technology
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) >99%.

Batch Numbered  icon

Batch Numbered
Each mask is individually batch numbered and packaged for the ultimate in traceability, portability and hygiene.

Bayonet Connection icon

Bayonet Connection
Rotary bayonet assembly system

Exhalation Valve icon

Exhalation Valve
Valved design eliminates the build up of heat and moisture within the breathing zone.

Exhalation Valve icon

Exhalation Valve
Exhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture

Fit Test Results icon

Fit Test Results
Specialised TRIDENT® respirator seal attains exceptional consistent PortaCount® fit testing results.

Fluid Resistant icon

Fluid Resistant
Fluid protection level 3, 160 mmHg.

Large Lens icon

Large Lens
Exceptional peripheral vision

Latex Free icon

Latex Free
Latex free to avoid the risk of developing allergies with repeat exposure.

Low Breathing Resistance Filter icon

Low Breathing Resistance Filter
Low breathing resistance, maximizing wearer comfort, durability and life of product.

Multilayer Technology icon

Multilayer Technology
Advanced multilayer technology providing protection against mechanically and thermally generated particulates including: fluids, dusts, mists, fumes and smoke.

Proprietary Foam Nose Seal icon

Proprietary Foam Nose Seal
Proprietary adjustable foam nose pad to ensure consistent optimum facial seal and reduce fogging of eyewear.

Silicone Faceseal icon

Silicone Faceseal
Medical grade silicone

Speaking Diaphragm icon

Speaking Diaphragm
Speaking diaphragm for clearer communication

Streamlined Design icon

Streamlined Design
Low profile design for use under face shields and welding helmets

Use with other PPE icon

Use with other PPE
Designed to be used in conjunction with other mandatory personal protective equipment.

Valve Cover icon

Valve Cover
Exhalation valve to reduce heat and moisture


We acknowledge the Traditional Owners and Custodians of the lands on which we work and pay our respects to Indigenous Elders past, present and emerging.


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